Merry Christmas, Not Happy Vacations


It’s that time of year when the decorations go up, the sale papers swell with deals, and the stores inform you “Happy Holidays!” WHAT ?! What holidays? I just understand of one vacation this time around of year, Christmas. We have gotten so misled and brainwashed by the non-believers that we tolerate this sort of activity. If workers of a store can not tell me “Merry Christmas” when I invest hundreds of dollars on what is certainly presents, then why should I pick to patronize them? We have held up and continued to be silent concerning this evening for too long. It is now time to rise and tell the individual at the checkout and the person behind you in line, “Merry Christmas”.

My wife and I established and cost flea markets and festivals around. We state “Merry Christmas” and our neighbours state “Merry Christmas” due to the fact that WE own our organizations and understand that the Public Relations division will not obtain a call regarding our obscene language. If a client tells us “Happy Holidays”, we are complementary to ask “what other vacation are you commemorating apart from Christmas”. If you’re Jewish or Muslim or atheist or whatever else, why are you also joining a vacation celebrating the birth of my Lord and Saviour,? Why do you care if an additional Christian tells me “Merry Christmas”?

Jesus Christ

Merry Christmas, Not Happy Vacations

Christians, leave your butts and stand up for what is right. If you repent of Him, He will be ashamed of you when you stand prior to the Throne of The Father. If we don’t place CHRIST back right into Merry Christmas images, after that nobody will. At my residence we still recognize and commemorate each vacation as it arrives. In October we enhance and prepare for a huge Halloween party filled with ghosts, spirits and skeletal systems. In November we gather around the table to give thanks for the year’s blessings and after that when December arrives we invite the Christmas spirit welcoming our friends and family to commemorate a Merry Christmas with each other in our house. I believe it would certainly be wonderful if the stores would let us have back our Halloween, Our Thanksgiving and Our Christmas.